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Welcome to Pékinas Manufaktúra in Pécs, where we warmly greet our valued customers with a broad and continually expanding range of in-house developed gluten-free bakery products.

Choose from over 20 types of baked goods and confectionery items, ranging from bread and pizza snails to the delightful Hungarian honey cream cake, just to name a few. Utilizing the latest technologies, we guarantee that our products are gluten-free. Thanks to state-of-the-art fast freezing and protective gas packaging, they maintain their fresh texture for an extended period.

We firmly believe that everyone, from children to adults, whether with a sweet tooth or a love for pizza, should be able to indulge in our offerings. Keep an eye out for the green circle logo on our products and those of our partners, ensuring you can consume our baked goods with joy and ease!

Make your day more enjoyable with Pékinas!

Gluten-free bakery goodies

Enjoy the confidence of guaranteed gluten-free bakery and confectionery products from a reputable Hungarian manufacturer. Explore our complete gluten-free product range and discover the quality of Pékinas Manufaktúra.


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