The 5 pillars of the quality protection shield at Pékinas

for guaranteed Gluten-Free Products.

Gluten-Free Quality Control


Many of our valued customers and followers often inquire about how Pékinas ensures that products bearing the green circle logo are indeed gluten-free. We recognize the immense responsibility that comes with manufacturing allergen-free food, understanding that any gluten contamination can result in severe consequences for the consumer's health. With our gluten-free bakery products, our focus extends beyond merely delivering excellent taste, freshness, and shelf life; paramount to us is ensuring they are 100% gluten-free, emphasizing safety as the cornerstone of quality. Each component of our gluten-free products undergoes meticulous formulation overseen by a dedicated food technologist. This meticulous approach marks the initial stride toward achieving impeccable gluten-free quality.


How can you be certain that when you select Pékinas green circle pastries, you're choosing a guaranteed gluten-free product? Beyond emphasizing safety, the second pillar of our quality assurance lies in maintaining a "CLEAN FACTORY" environment. What does this entail? It means that all our green logo products are crafted in isolation, on a dedicated production line exclusively reserved for gluten-free items, thereby eliminating any risk of cross-contamination. But our commitment doesn't end there! We are diligently working on implementing three additional quality principles to ensure the 100% gluten-free integrity of Pékinas delicacies.


You can purchase Pékinas gluten-free products frozen, offering convenience and assurance. Simply allow them to defrost at room temperature at home, and they're ready to enjoy. In our commitment to gluten-free excellence, we operate on multiple fronts. Having addressed safety and upheld a clean production environment, our third line of defense is CONSTANT PRODUCT CONTROL. We meticulously inspect our products at every stage of the baking process, ensuring adherence to gluten-free standards. They exit our facility frozen and securely packaged, affirming their freedom from gluten.


Our gluten-free products, crafted in a pristine facility on a dedicated production line, undergo rigorous scrutiny at each stage of production. Rest assured, the finished bakery delights exit the plant solely in securely sealed packaging, maintaining their gluten-free integrity from our hands to yours.

Prior to production, ensuring the safety of our raw materials is paramount. Pékinas conducts regular audits of all its suppliers in accordance with the BCR standard. This stringent evaluation process ensures that our suppliers consistently uphold the highest food safety standards throughout their production and processing operations. We exclusively collaborate with suppliers who demonstrate an unwavering commitment to maintaining a clean plant environment, further reinforcing our dedication to delivering safe and superior-quality ingredients.


The production and distribution of gluten-free products carry immense responsibility, as any contamination could result in severe health repercussions for consumers. This is why Pékinas is fully committed to combating gluten on multiple fronts. Our final, yet crucial safeguard involves rigorous testing of all ingredients in the Food Chain Safety Centre's laboratory, with results meticulously documented. We eschew estimated values in favor of precise measurements, ensuring full transparency regarding the composition of our gluten-free bakery products. This approach enables us to assume accountability and foster trust among our gluten-free customers, underscoring our unwavering commitment to their health and well-being.

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