Gluten-free baked goods

Gluten-free product


The Pékinas Manufaktúra in Pécs welcomes its customers with its own gluten-free product line. Look for our green circle logo on our products and enjoy our baked goods and confectionery safely.

vaníliás muffin


Gluten-free product range

Gluten-free confectionery products

Sweet gluten-free indulgence on weekdays. A variety of cakes for dessert lovers. Try the Belgian chocolate cake, the Hungarian honey cream cake or the Danube wave bar.

Gluten-free baked goods

Our product range includes everything from bread, sweet muffins, to savory cookies. A perfect choice for breakfast, in the children's snack box or as a companion on weekdays.


Our products

Pékinas' fast-frozen gluten-free products can be left at room temperature at home to thaw and ready to eat. 

belga csokis kalács

Belgian chocolate cake 350 g

Gluten-free product. Light, loose structure, with the taste of unique Belgian chocolate and traditional cake.


Brownies 50 g

Gluten-free product. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, melting chocolate brownie.

gluténmentes formakenyér

Shaped bread 350 g

An easy-to-eat and loose-textured gluten-free bread.

gluténmentes piskótatekercs

Sponge roll 100 g

Gluten-free product. Loose sponge roll with the summer taste of apricot.

omlós sajtos pogácsa

Crispy cheese scones 2 x 100 g

Gluten, soy and flavor enhancer-free product. A classic, crispy scone with a natural cheese-sour cream flavor.

csokis muffin

Chocolate muffin 50 g

Gluten-free product. Dense but still soft chocolate muffin.

vaníliás muffin

Vanilla muffin 50 g

Gluten-free product. Dense, yet soft vanilla muffin.

sajtos snack rúd

Cheese snack bar 2 x 60 g

Gluten-free, flavor enhancer-free, soy-free and preservative-free, but with a long shelf life. Traditional cheese-flavored salty cookie.

mézes krémes

Gluten-free Hungarian honey cream cake

Foamy cream and tasty jam between soft honey sponge cakes, topped with chocolate. Festive cake for weekdays too.

duna hullám

Danube wave 2 x 75 g

Gluten-free product. The two types of sponge cake, the soft foam and the cherry pieces complement each other perfectly. 

elősütött pizza alap

Pizza base pre-baked, frozen 2 x 75 g or 2 x 150 g

Gluten-free pizza base is available in two sizes. It is ready in 8-10 minutes at 200-210 C after 15 minutes of thawing when taken out of the freezer. 

gluténmentes zsemle

Gluten-free buns

The perfect gluten-free sandwich base.

kakaóscsiga gm

Gluten-free Cocoa Snail 3 x 60g

The cocoa classic for young and grown-ups in gluten-free version.

pizzáscsiga gm

Gluten-free Pizza Snail 3 x 60g

Genuine Italian taste, gluten-free, with vegan toppings.

barna zsemle

Gluten-free brown seed buns 3 x 50 g

Sandwich base for a healthy, varied, gluten-free diet.

csokis cookie

Chocolate cookie 7 pcs, 180 g

An American style gluten-free chocolate biscuit.

natúr cookie

Plain cookie 7 pcs, 180 g

An American style gluten-free biscuit.

Berkenyés, csokicseppes

Aronia chocolate chip muffin 3x65 g

A gluten-free superfood bakery product.

gluténmentes hamburgerzsemle

Gluten-free hamburger bun 125 g

An American style sandwich base for gluten-free burgers.


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